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Bed Bug Extermination Heat Treatment at Health Care Facility in South Eastern Ohio

Health Care Facility Bed Bug ExterminationRecently we were called in to exterminate bed bugs in a health care facility in South Eastern Ohio. This type of bed bug treatment is the same as a heat extermination treatment for a hospitality suite, with multiple individual rooms and cubical work spaces.

Bed Bug Panic at the Health Care Facility in Southern Ohio

News of the bedbug infestation was spreading through the Southern Ohio Health Care facility like wildfire. This news caused both employees and patients to become very upset. The healthcare facility then contacted us and we immediately made a priority commercial bed bug extermination service call at which a canine bed bug inspection was performed. The independent canine bedbug inspection resulted in four alerts in the entire building.

The bed bug inspection narrowed down the location of the bed bugs to one wing of one floor. By narrowing the bedbug infestation, we were able to reduce the amount of area that required bed bug extermination treatment. Not only did the canine bedbug inspection reduce the bed bug extermination expense dramatically, but it also allowed the rest of the facility to rest easy.

Sprinkler Systems and Bed Bug Extermination Heat Treatment

The building manager and maintenance supervisor expressed concerns about safety and liability issues for tenants and employees due to the sprinkler system. They were relieved to learn that we are able to protect the sprinklers when we perform the bed bug extermination heat treatment. Thus, the sprinkler system doesn’t need to be disabled in order for us to complete the heat extermination bed bug treatment.

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control provided an immediate quote for bed bug extermination and all the necessary prep work to perform the service, which was approved within 2 hours. Therefore, the bed bug extermination treatment was scheduled and performed that same night.

The next morning, we had the independent k-9 bed bug inspector back in to inspect entire building. At that time the building was cleared as the bed bug inspection confirmed that all bed bugs and their eggs had been eradicated.

“WOW! Problem solved in less than 24 hours”  ~Maintenance Supervisor

Bed Bug Infestation in Health Care Facility Resolved

In this case we were able to save the health care facility a significant amount of money, and maintain their excellent reputation for their employees and clients. We did this by immediately responding when they contacted us, narrowing the problem using an independent canine bed bug inspection, performing the bedbug extermination service that same night, protecting the sprinkler system so that it did not have to be disabled, and confirming that the bed bugs were exterminated with a follow-up bed bug inspection first thing in the morning.

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