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Chemical Bed Bug Extermination Flaws

Be careful about signing contract immediately with a chemical bed bug extermination company. Often these exterminating services use a low cost bed bug treatment to get their foot in the door. Once they have a payment you have made for the first bed bug extermination treatment, you will feel obligated to finish the treatment with them no matter how long it takes. This generally results in a cost that is substantially higher than the initial chemical bed bug extermination quote.

Chemical bed bug extermination service vs heat bedbug exterminators

Long Term Bed Bug Extermination Clients For a Short-Term Bed Bug Infestation

Chemical bed bug extermination companies count on the initial investment creating a willingness to put up with a chemical treatment for 90 days or longer. The result is that this process ends up costing you a lot more money and time than you had originally planned to get rid of bed bugs.

Most people just want the bedbugs gone immediately, not realizing that chemicals are not going to do that for them. The chemical companies tell you they can get rid of bed bugs immediately, and if you happen to see something down the road “call us we will come back out and take care of the bed bugs”. This makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside since the bed bugs are gone, at least they seem to be.

The issue is that the chemicals don’t always reach where the bed bugs are located, and bed bugs don’t always come back out while the chemicals are active. What does this mean? It means that chemical bed bug treatments often don’t kill all the bed bugs in your home. This also means that you will have to have additional bed bug treatments in the future for the bed bugs that are already in your home today.

So now you ask, why choose heat treatment bed bug extermination?

When heat treatment bed bug extermination is done properly, the heat treatment kills bedbugs and bed bug eggs in places where chemical treatment cannot reach. Proper bed bug heat extermination treatment achieves temperatures high enough to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs in the cracks, crevices, and other places that they live in. The way we do heat treatment, you can be confident that all bed bugs and bed bug eggs currently in your home will be exterminated.

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