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Chemical-Free Bed Bug Extermination in Your Ohio Business

Ohio commercial bed bug extermination using heaterWhether your Ohio business is in an office building, freestanding structure, a warehouse or other setting, Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control of Ohio is your solution for extermination of bed bugs and bed bug infestations. Our highly-qualified and well trained technicians are equipped with the right training and equipment to handle all your commercial bed bug extermination problems quickly and efficiently, and without the risk exposing your employees to toxic chemicals.

How Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control Works With Your Business

We usually work with commercial accounts by first completing a canine bed bug inspection to locate bed bugs and the bed bug infestation. The next step is to perform the bed bug extermination heat treatment. It is important to note that we are able to offer after hour treatments to make it easier for employees and customers, thus allowing you to keep your business operating during business hours. We then confirm bed bug eradication with a canine bed bug inspection, again utilizing a canine bed bug inspection. After eradication of the bed bug infestation is confirmed, we then apply prevention barrier guard to help stop bed bugs from re-infesting to your business.


Green Initiatives and Bed Bug Extermination

A problem like bed bugs and risk of a bed bug infestation at work will drive the decision to hire a bed bug extermination company. Many of the methods utilized today by exterminators employ the use of toxic pesticides, which may not quite fit so well into a green initiative. Additionally, use of toxic insecticides to exterminate bed bugs at the office means the risk of exposing your employees to residual of these toxic chemicals. Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control uses heat to kill bed bugs and exterminate bed bug infestations. Since we don’t use harmful chemicals in the process of exterminating bed bug infestations, we fit well into the Green initiatives of businesses today. Just as important, heat is the most effective method to eradicate the entire bed bug infestation since our heat bedbug extermination process gets into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, nest, and lay their eggs. Therefore, Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control is the “Green” solution to extermination of bed bugs for Ohio businesses.

Where Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control Exterminates Bed Bugs

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control can treat any type structure from a high rise hotel, motels, multi floor or multi unit apartments, rental cabins, camp facilities, dorm rooms, to an office building or single family home. Due to the nature of heat treatment and since we can utilize both thermal and convection heat treatment to exterminate bed bugs, we have the ability to exterminate bed bugs in most types of structures.


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