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Fire Sprinklers and Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Fire sprinklers and Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The risk of damaging or setting off fire sprinkler systems is a valid concern when exterminating bed bugs using heat. As commercial bed bug exterminators, we consistently perform heat treatments in buildings with fire sprinkler systems, including office buildings, warehouses, health care facilities, retirement homes, multi-unit complexes, and numerous other commercial bed bug extermination applications. We protect and monitor fire sprinkler heads during heat treatments, thus not requiring sprinklers to be disabled.

Fire sprinkler system and bed bug heat extermination treatment in Ohio

Fire sprinklers are activated by a trigger mechanism. It is very expensive to deactivate sprinkler system and remove all sprinkler heads and pay to test and reinstall by a certified fire protection company. In most cases, fire sprinklers can be left active during the bed bug extermination heat treatment. The sprinklers can be left active because we protect and monitor the fire sprinkler systems during treatment.

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