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Multi-Unit Complex Bed Bug Extermination

Chemical-Free Bed Bug Extermination For Ohio Multi-Unit Complexes

If you are responsible for bed bug extermination in a condominium complex, hotel, office building, apartment complex, nursing home, 

retirement community, or other multi-unit complex, Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control provides an effective, and environmentally friendly bed bug extermination solution that is safe for your tenants. 

We utilize thermal and convection heating to exterminate bed bugs, rather than potentially harmful insecticides. Therefore, you mitigate risk as the tenants are NOT exposed to potentially harmful toxic 

chemical residue. Additionally, your tenants will be very happy since heat treatment to kill bed bugs doesn’t use toxic chemicals, it doesn’t require them to cleanse their dishes before use as well as all of their other personal items and belongings.

Office Building Bed Bug Extermination

Ohio office building bed bug exterminators using heat treatmentOffice buildings are particularly vulnerable to bed bugs due to the high volume of person traffic through the buildings. While bed bugs don’t generally stay on people, bed bugs do find their way into clothing pockets, coats, brief cases, and numerous other items that people bring or wear into office buildings.

Bed Bug extermination choices can also provide a dilemma for the property manager, business manager, maintenance supervisor, or other person responsible for getting rid of a bed bug infestation, and preventing the spread of bed bugs to other employees and customers. Some considerations in determining the method of bed bug extermination include safety and health of employees, visitors, and customers, green initiatives, effectiveness of bedbug extermination solution, and employee or facility down times.

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control utilizes heat treatment to exterminate bedbugs from your office building. Heat treatment doesn’t utilize chemicals or pesticides, therefore you don’t have to be concerned with residual toxic fumes being breathed in by your employees, customers, visitors, or yourself. Heat treatment is a “green” method for killing bed bug infestations since no toxic chemicals are sprayed, and thus released into the environment.

In addition to being safe and green, bed bug heat treatment properly applied is the most effective bed bug extermination solution because it kills adults, nymphs and bed bug eggs even deep in cracks and crevices where bed bugs are hiding. Because there is no wait time for toxic residual chemicals to subside with bed bug heat treatment, it is also one of the quickest methods to eradicate a bed bug infestation in your office building.

Condominium Complex Bed Bug Extermination

condominium bed bug extermination servicesGetting rid of bed bugs in a condo complex can be a daunting task for the condo association. Condominiums are often in close proximity, often sharing walls, attics, as well as basements or crawl spaces. In many cases, there is also a large amount of foot traffic between condo’s. All these factors contribute to the likelihood of bed bug infestations to rapidly spread from one unit to another.

Bed bug heat treatment penetrates to kills bed bug infestations in the cracks, crevices, and walls of condominiums where they are hiding to eradicate the bed bug infestation before it can spread into too many units.

Apartment Complex Bed Bug Extermination

bed bug extermination in apartment complex and multi unit buildings

Similar to condominium complexes and bed bug infestations, apartment complexes and apartment buildings have high foot traffic between units as well as many shared walls, attics, crawl spaces, and basements where bed bugs can travel from unit to unit.

Bed bug heat treatment penetrates to kill bed bug infestations in the cracks, crevices, and walls of apartment buildings where they are hiding to eradicate the bed bug infestation before it can spread into too many units.

Bed Bug Extermination in Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes, and Long Term Care Facilities

Long term care, retirement community or nursing home bed bug extermination in OhioBed bug extermination in retirement communities, nursing homes, and long term care facilities must take into account the added potential vulnerability of residents to toxic pesticides often utilized to kill bed bugs. Since we utilize heat treatment rather than chemicals to kill bed bugs, there is no fear of potential harmful effects of bed bug pesticide residual to the residents at retirement communities or patients at nursing homes or long term care facilities.

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