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Canine bed bug detection specialist finds bedbugs by their scentWe provide our clients a huge advantage through our NESDCA Accredited in-house canine bed bug detection service.  Our South-Eastern Ohio canine bed bug detection team utilizes a highly trained bed bug dog to detect bed bug infestations, and locate precisely where bedbug infestations are located.

NESDCA CERTIFIED BED BUG DETECTION TEAMS can help you keep your pest control (bed bug extermination) cost to a minimum by having our k9 inspection teams confirm live activity to minimize the areas that need to be treated.

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Canine Bed Bug Inspection Advantages

Visual Bed Bug Inspection

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Visual bed bug inspection is most accurate when bed bugs remain visible or hide in cracks of your mattress and other obvious places, but it can be nearly impossible to find individual bed bugs or infestations in walls, furniture, and other concealed spaces.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

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Well trained canine bed bug detection dogs can quickly and accurately locate bed bug infestations & even individual bed bugs at all life stages through mattresses, and even inside walls, furniture and spaces where visual inspection can not.

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What do I do if I see a Bed Bug?

Just seeing a bedbug doesn’t necessarily mean that your home or office has a bed bug infestation. Therefore, rushing out to hire an Ohio bed bug extermination service may be a bit premature. On that same note, it is important to determine if that bed bug you found was an individual bed bug, the start of an infestation, or an infestation that already exists as bed bug infestations grow at an incredibly fast rate. The fact is that a single bug may have been brought in on an article of clothing, a travel or book bag, a pet, or even in a briefcase. If it is just an individual bug, and you found it, then bed bug extermination is a waste of time and resources.

The problem is that even a well trained exterminator who knows where to search for bed bugs may not be able to find the bed bugs. So how will you be confident that the single bed bug was alone, even if additional bed bugs cannot be found by the human eye. This is where our canine bed bug detection service can save time, save money and ultimately give you and your family piece of mind.

Canine Bed Bug Detection Team

K9 scent detection dogs finding bed bugs in homeA canine or K9 bed bug inspection is performed by a highly trained bed bug detection team which consists of a handler and a professionally trained bed bug detection dog. We have all heard of drug sniffing dogs, well the same principal applies to bed bug dogs, they don’t have to see the bed bug as it is the scent produced by the live bed bug that they are trained to alert to. These highly trained bed bug scent detection dogs alert the handler to live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Because they only alert on live bed bug and eggs, the canine bed bug detection team can accurately detect bedbugs in locations that have previously had bed bug infestations without triggering on dead bed bugs, bed bug skins, or fecal matter.

Apply The Cost Of Our Canine Bed Bug Detection Service to Bed Bug Extermination Service

Bed bug detection is a value added service of Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control. If you do have us perform the canine bed bug detection service, we will apply the cost of the our bed bug inspection toward our Central and South-Eastern Ohio bed bug extermination service*. Additionally, we are happy to work with independent bed bug inspection services if you would prefer. In fact, we have built great relationships with independent bed bug inspection services that work in the Central and South-Eastern Ohio area.

We provide bed bug detection services throughout Central Ohio and the South-Eastern Ohio including Logan, Lancaster, McArthur, Athens, Wellston, Circleville, Chillicothe, and throughout Fairfield, Hocking, Pickaway, Athens, Vinton, Ross, and the surrounding Ohio counties as well as across the West Virginia border.

*Restrictions may apply to applying the cost of bed bug inspection to bed bug extermination

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