Canine Bed Bug Detection vs Human Bed Bug Inspection

K-9 Bed Bug Detection team bed bug dog Zeb locates bed bugs in a mattress

The fact is that properly trained bed bug detection dogs can locate bed bugs in a home or business much faster and with far greater accuracy than a human. In fact, a well trained K-9 bed bug inspection team is about 95% accurate, while a human visual inspection has an accuracy rate of about 35%.

Chemical Bed Bug Extermination Flaws

Chemical bed bug extermination service vs heat bedbug exterminators

Be careful about signing contract immediately with a chemical bed bug extermination company. Often these exterminating services use a low cost bed bug treatment to get their foot in the door. Once they have a payment you have made for the first bed bug extermination treatment, you will feel obligated to finish the treatment with […]

Ohio Bed Bug Epidemic Continues Growth

bed bug infestation in Logan, Ohio

As a bed bug extermination service serving south-eastern and Central Ohio, at Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control we see first hand the damage bed bugs can cause physically and emotionally. The Ohio bed bug epidemic continues to grow and have significant impact. While most people think mostly of the physical scars, those little hive-like little […]