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We 100% guarantee to treat your home or business the right way the first time – ensuring every single bed bug is eliminated for complete peace of mind.


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Why Choose Us?

Heat Treatment

Our specialized heating and monitoring equipment allows us to target bed bugs, eggs, and larvae in even the most remote and concealed areas - ensuring the required temperature and exposure time necessary to effectively eliminate them.

K9 Bed Bug Inspection

Our canine bed bug detection service can pinpoint where infestations are located, allowing us to accurately determine if treatment is needed - and help you save money by only targeting the necessary area.

Experience & Tech

Bed Bug extermination requires more than just spraying insecticides or placing heaters - our experts understand the nuances of preparation, placement and monitoring to ensure that all areas reach the right temperature for the right duration to eliminate bed bugs and other pests.

100% Guarantee

We guarantee success with our specialized process, cutting-edge equipment, and highly trained team at Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control - all bed bugs, larva, and eggs will be eliminated right the first time.

Our Services

Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Ensure a safe, bed bug-free environment for your employees with minimal downtime using our heat-based extermination process instead of chemical treatments - next day and overnight scheduling available.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Keep your home, business, or rental property free from bed bugs with our safe and effective heat treatment extermination process - no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used, so you can breathe easy knowing you and your family, employees, or tenants are safe!

Residential Bed Bug Extermination

Make sure you and your family can sleep tight without worries of bed bug bites. Our exterminations services cover all types of residential structures, from houses to condominiums, apartments, log cabins, house trailers, and even RV’s - so no one will have to worry about bed bugs ever again!

Prevent Bed Bugs From Returning

Keep your areas bed bug free with our non-toxic bed bug barrier guard treatment. Our safe and effective solution continues to eliminate bed bugs for 6 months after application - so you won't have to worry about them ever again!

Preparation Services

We understand the importance of thorough preparation before heat treatments can be performed. We offer comprehensive preparation services for our customers who may not have the time, ability, or mental capacity to do the necessary cleaning and reorganizing themselves to prepare for an exterminator, even if it isn't us!

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Get the most out of your bed bug treatment with our in-house NESDCA Accredited canine scent detection teams. Our precision and speed in locating infestations ensures minimal areas treated while delivering maximum effectiveness!

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“I found Gary after searching relentlessly in my area for someone who could do a heat treatment for bed bugs. He traveled about 3 hours to provide service for us. The entire process was great. During our first phone call, he spent a lot of time educating me about bed bugs and later helped my family understand the heat process as well. He was very accommodating to needs and schedules. Gary started his business after having his own experience with bed bugs so I felt like he really understood what we were experiencing...”

Shari W.

Get a Bed Bug Inspection

Don’t wait! Every moment is precious when dealing with bed bugs. Stop them now by calling us today!

Why Use Canine Bed Bug Inspections?

Give yourself peace of mind and save money with our canine bed bug inspection services. We can provide a bed bug free determination so you don’t have to pay for an unnecessary extermination service. Plus, our inspections can localize the location of any existing infestations, resulting in substantial savings on the cost of treatment.

Visual Bed Bug Inspections are less than



Visual bed bug inspections offer great accuracy in locating visible bugs and potential hiding spots, but it can be difficult to detect those hiding in the cracks of furniture or walls. Finding individual bed bugs and infestations within these concealed spaces can be almost impossible.

Canine Bed Bug Inspections Are



Canine bed bug detection dogs are highly trained and can quickly and accurately identify bed bugs, even in their early life stages, inside mattresses and hidden areas that visual inspection may overlook. They can detect infestations and individual bugs within walls, furniture, and other concealed spaces.

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