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South Eastern Ohio’s best bed bug exterminator. No chemicals, no toxins, and no bugs!

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About Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control of Ohio is the go-to bed bug exterminator in Creola, OH and beyond. We specialize in quick and efficient extermination services for homeowners, landlords, property managers and business owners throughout Central, Southern and South-Eastern Ohio, as well as into West Virginia. Our highly trained professionals use a specialized bed bug detection dog to precisely pinpoint the area that needs treated before using our heat treatment method to successfully eradicate every single bed bug egg and adult. As a result, our clients enjoy complete peace of mind without any exposure to toxic chemicals. We also provide services for hospitality businesses, HUD Housing Authority, Property Managers and more.

What We Do

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control is a leading Ohio-based bed bug heat treatment company. We use a bed bug detection dog to pinpoint the area requiring treatment and then use heat to exterminate the bugs. Heat treatments have proven to be the most efficient, safe and effective way to get rid of bed bugs without exposing your loved ones or pets to toxic chemicals. Our thermal and convection methods can get into cracks and crevices where bed bugs are known to hide, giving us a complete eradication of all life stages–including eggs! For this reason, we guarantee that our heat treatments will eliminate your bed bugs, with no toxic exposure for your family or guests.

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