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Bed Bug Extermination Service

We will do your treatment right the first time, and we will provide you with piece of mind by killing every single bed bug in your home or business 100% Guaranteed!
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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We utilize highly specialized heating & monitoring equipment to achieve the required temperature and amount of exposure time to kill the bed bugs as well as their eggs and larva, even inside walls and other concealed areas.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Our canine bed bug detection service can accurately locate bed bug infestations to determine if you need treatment and even save money by localizing the area needed to treat.

Experience & Technology

Bed Bug extermination is much more than simply spraying insecticide or placing heaters and hoping that the bed bugs die. Our highly trained bed bug extermination team understands the intricacies of proper preparation, placement, and monitoring so all areas achieve the required exposure temperature for the necessary time to kill bed bugs and other pests.

100% Bed Bug Free Guarantee

Through our specialized process, equipment, and highly trained team, Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control kills all bed bugs, larva, and eggs right the first time, and we back it with 100% guaranteed work.

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Bed Bug Extermination Services

bank, storefront, and hotel bed bug extermination

Commercial Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Keep your business bed bug-free with the least amount of downtime, while providing a safe environment for your employees to return to since we use heat to exterminate bed bugs, not chemicals. Next day and overnight scheduling available

Bed bug heat extermination monitoring screen used by Ohio bed bug exterminators

Best Bed Bug Heat Extermination Company

Heat Treatment Closely Monitored

In order to kill bed bugs at all stages (adult, nymph, & eggs), it takes maintaining a minimum temperature of 118° Fahrenheit for a minimum of 90 minutes. We remotely monitor to ensure that all areas reach these temperatures for the appropiate time.

residential bed bug extermination service ohio showing house, condo, log cabin, and house trailer

Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatment Extermination

Residential Bed Bug Extermination

We exterminate bed bugs in all types of residential structures including houses, condominiums, apartments, log cabins, house trailers, and even RV’s.  Now you and your family can really Sleep Tight as dead bed bugs don’t bite!

Bed bug prevention treatment so NO BedBugs

Bed Bug Prevention Treatment

Prevent Bed Bugs From Returning

We can apply a bed bug prevention barrier guard treatment to keep your areas bed bug free! The bed bug treatment is non-toxic to humans and their mammal pets, however it continues to kill bed bug for 6 months after bed bug barrier application. 

Ohio bed bug heat treatment extermination heater

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Extermination

Safely Exterminating Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Extermination is safe for the environment as no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used. Thus, you and your family, employees, or tenants can breathe easy upon returning to your home, business, or rental property.

Canine bed bug detection specialist finds bedbugs by their scent

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Certified K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection

We provide a huge advantage through our in-house NESDCA Accredited canine bed bug scent detection teams. By quickly and precisely locating the bed bug infestations we are able to minimize the areas treated, while maximizing treatment effectiveness. 

Canine Bed Bug Inspection Advantages

We offer canine bed bug inspections, which provide numerous advantages. If you are not certain if you have bed bugs, a bed bug free determination can provide you piece of mind, while saving the cost of a bed bug extermination service. Additionally, we can often provide substantial savings on bed bug extermination services by isolating the location of a bed but infestation.

Visual Bed Bug Inspection

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Visual bed bug inspection is most accurate when bed bugs remain visible or hide in cracks of your mattress and other obvious places, but it can be nearly impossible to find individual bed bugs or infestations in walls, furniture, and other concealed spaces.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection

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Well trained canine bed bug detection dogs can quickly and accurately locate bed bug infestations & even individual bed bugs at all life stages through mattresses, and even inside walls, furniture and spaces where visual inspection can not.

Heat Treatment Kills All Ohio Bugs

Heat treatment kills all insects. 130° kills all insects in the treatment area that are in the state of Ohio, termites stink bugs and bedbugs are among the hardest to kill. It’s not just the heat that kills them, exposure time is what really does the job with the eggs


8 Bed Bug Heat Treatment Advantages

  • Chemical Free
  • Pet Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Most Effective
  • Gets Behind Walls
  • Kills All Insects
  • Kills Germs & Viruses
  • Kills Dust Mites

Bed Bug Extermination Guarantee

Our work is 100% guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about incomplete or insufficient bed bug extermination jobs.


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Canine Bed Bug Inspection

We can inspect your area using our trained canine bed bug scent detection specialist. By locating the infestation we can reduce treatment area and save you money!

Why Choose STBBC

Our bed bug extermination service uses technologically advanced monitoring equipment to assure that all areas achieve the appropriate amount of heat for the necessary time to kill bed bugs at all stages, including bed bug eggs. Proper training, experience, and monitoring equipment are the most important factors when choosing the best bed bug heat treatment company. 

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We are highly trained at  heat treatment extermination and canine bed bug detection. We detect and exterminate bed bugs throughout Central Ohio and South-Eastern Ohio including Logan, Lancaster, McArthur, Athens, Wellston, Circleville, Chillicothe, and throughout Fairfield, Hocking, Pickaway, Athens, Vinton, Ross, and the surrounding Ohio counties as well as across the West Virginia border. 



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